‘Home War’ can be triggered by IPL, intelligence agency warns government

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By Super Zero

New Delhi. An internal intelligence agency of the country has issued a caution note to the Indian government about the possibility of a ‘Home War’ (Ghruhayudha) due to the IPL.

According to the report submitted to the government, the agency said that at 8 o’clock night the atmosphere becomes very stressful in most of the houses of the country. The report has warned that if IPL matches and serials were broadcast at the same time on TV, the situation could be out of control in the coming days.

According to the intelligence agency’s report, 8 to 11 pm is the time when both husband and wife are free from their work and try their eyes on TV. But due to ‘ideological differences’, neither the wife is convinced to watch IPL match nor husband is agreed to see serial. The situation is also getting explosive as both are terming choice of each other as absurd and the waste of time.

In the report, 22 lakh houses have been identified as sensitive and 9 lakh houses are highly sensitive. In this house war, the remote control of the TV has been victimized. The possibility of internal injuries can not be ruled out due to the tugging & pulling the remote.

PMO in dilemma:

According to sources, the intelligence agency has submitted this report to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), but officials of the PMO are in a dilemma. Since all decisions are taken by the prime minister himself, but in this case he lacks experience. So how does he take a decision on this, it will be a thing to see.

(Disclaimer : The news report is work of fiction. Readers are advised not to confuse the ‘news report’ as being genuine and true. Its purpose is to make healthy entertainment, not to spread any kind of rumor.)

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