News Channels are desperate in search for Honeypreet

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New Delhi. All News Channels have begun to search for HoneyPreet, the so-called daughter of Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim. The Channels are trying to find Honeypreet before the police could catch her up. For this, the channels have sent many reports to the field. We caught a reporter-cum-detective. The reporter was in a hurry, but still we managed to talk with him :

Hindi Satire: Where are you going in haste?

Reporter (with gasping): I am looking for Honey.

HS: Babaji gives you people so much advertisements. So ask some honey too from him.

Reporter: Are Bhai, I am in search of Baba Ram Rahim’s Honey, not Honey of Baba Ramdev. You, do not understand anything!

HS: Ohhh, so you’re looking for Honeypreet?

Reporter: What else! you don’t know how hot the topic in the front of country!

HS: Yes, it’s too Hot, but why are you searching? This is the responsibility of police.

Reporter: We are the fastest channel. We have to stay ahead of the police.

HS: Then find something else, there are many things to explore.

Reporter: What can be more prominent than Honey?

HS: Find out why the corruption is not reducing? Who is raising the inflation? What are the problems with the common man, etc etc…

Reporter: You Backward Man! Do not waste my time. Let me go. I have to find Honeypreet anyway.

After that, the reporter went in search of Honeypreet.

(Disclaimer : The news report is work of fiction. Readers are advised not to confuse the ‘news report’ as being genuine and true.)