Pak Govt bankrupted due to the Stone Pelting in Kashmir, sought loan from World Bank

Stone pelting in kashmir

Islamabad. Pakistan’s economy has collapsed due to the stone pelting in Kashmir. Dues of Stone Pelters on Pak government is continued to soar. Finance Minister of Pakistan has gone underground due to the daily harassement by Stone Pelters who are demanding their outstandings. He was seen at the headquarters of the World Bank filling ‘Pathravbaji Loan’ Form (Stone Pelting Loan Form).

According to a close source in the Pakistan’s Ministry of Finance, Pakistan has become bankrupted due to its Kashmir fight. Pakistan’s GDP has slipped into the minus due to financing to the stone pelter groups. The source said, “The pelters groups has huge debt over Pakistan government. The groups throwing stones at their own expense for many days. But now our government is under increasing pressure to repay the money to the pelters groups.”

The source said, the pelters groups have threaten to the Pak government that if they were not paid their dues, they will reach Muzaffarabad (POK’s self-proclaimed capital) with stones and will induldge in stone pelting there only.

Pak Finance Minister missing, was found at the headquarters of the World Bank:

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports coming from Islamabad said Pakistan Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has gone underground. However, according to a CNN report, Mr. Dar was seen at the headquarters of the World Bank in Washington. He was understood to filling up the form of the ‘Stone Pelting Loan’. He sought Stone Pelting Loan from the World Bank to repay outstandings of stone pelters groups.

World Bank has inquired the Pakistan Government that their people are dying of hungry. So if Pakistan government will spent all the money in stone loan EMI, how it will feed the public? In his reply, Dar said we are not worried about our people. The terrorists have already put up their camps. They will feed the people. We are more concerned about Kashmir.

(Diclaimer : The news report is work of fiction. Readers are advised not to confuse the ‘news report’ as being genuine and true.)