Sidhu announces his retirement from the Hindi commentary, then what happens?

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Chandigarh. Part time Politician and full time comedian Navjot Singh Sidhu has announced his retirement from the Hindi commentary in the interest of country, amidst the reports of Pakistan overtaking India in the matter of happiness. This has created a wave of happiness in the whole country. Within a few hours of this announcement, India has defeated Pakistan in the Happiness Index. It is expected that in the next 48 hours India will beat the Norway. It is worth mentioning that in the case of happiness, Norway is on number one position in the world.

In the United Nations World Happiness Report- 2017, Pakistan is ahead of India in terms of happiness. The biggest reason for this was Shaheed Afridi who recently announced of ‘Sannyas’ fifth time. He also assured the country that he will not return to cricket anymore. This made the Pakistanis so happy that the level of their happiness moved above the happiness of the Indians.

Sidhu did the declaration in the interest of the country :

Calling a press conference in the country, he said, “I can not see Hindustan less happy with the Pakistanis.” Therefore, today I announce the retirement from the commentary. He then laughing in his familiar style, said, “धिक्कार है वह जो देश के काम न आ सका। हे अहले वतन, तुझ पर एक बार नहीं, सौ-सौ बार कुर्बान है सिद्धू की कॉमेंट्री।”

Happiness Index Breaks Record :

Within a few hours of this announcement of Sidhu, India’s ranking in the World Happyness Index has surpassed Pakistan. A UN spokesman said, “The kind of environment in India, we hope it can move beyond Norway in the next 48 hours.” In such a case, we may have to make a fresh report.”

He wiped his tears of joy and said, “We will make the report again, definitely will make the report.” Such happiness does not come repeatedly.

(Disclaimer : The news report is work of fiction. Readers are advised not to confuse the ‘news report’ as being genuine and true.)

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