Ball Tampering : Smith gets offer to join Indian Politics, but refused, why?

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Satire Desk. Australian cricketer Steven Smith, who is facing the threat of lifetime ban in the ball tempering case, has received many offers from Indian politicians to join Indian Politics. Smith himself revealed this.

In an informal conversation with some journalists, Smith said, “I had a phone call from a political party of India. The caller was speaking English with Gujarati tone. He said – Motha Bhai (big brother), you have done amazing. In tempering, you went ahead of us too. Welcome to our party with Cameron Bancroft “

Smith further said, “The Indian leader praised my winning spirit and said that whatever you did in the match, we do exactly in politics. You are made for politics, not for cricket. Join our party. By winning two-three seats in Australia, you will be made PM there. “

Then call from the other party …
Smith said that two hours after this phone, I received another call. The Caller Said. “Bhaiya (brother), what is your next plan? I told the caller– I did not get what you said. The caller said, “Dekho Bhaiya (see brother), you tempered the ball because Modiji told you to do that. At the behest of Modiji, you were removed from the captaincy of the team Australia. Because of Modiji, you were forced to leave the Rajasthan Royals captaincy. If you want, you can join our party to expose the politics of Modi.”

Smith told that there was a strong voice of a cartoon channel coming from behind the caller. Therefore, it was also difficult to understand. So I ended the call, said Smith.

Asked by a reporter that you have received so many offers from Indian leaders, will you now embark on Indian politics? In response to this question, Smith said in anger, “I still have the Moral. Why Should I join the Indian Politics?.”
Later, Smith also did a tweet in this regard. Read the same tweet below :

(Disclaimer : The news report is work of fiction. Readers are advised not to confuse the ‘news report’ as being genuine and true.)