Padni Sena boycotts Mummy Gangester; says the film contains dream sequence of Vicky Kadian farting

Virpur: Padni Sena today asked public to boycott Vicky Kadian starer Mummy Gangester in a press conference. The Sena says the film contains dream sequence where the lead actor Vicky Kadian is farting for 145 seconds! Which is highly disrespectful to Padni sena and its members.

It has come in my dream last night that the film Mummy Gangester, which stars Vicky Kadian in a lead role, has a dream sequence that hurt the sentiments of our group. The dream sequence in the film, according to my dream, is where Vicky Kadian is farting for continuous 145 seconds. Which does not only hurt our sentiments but it is also something very anti national. Farting for this long can cause massive air pollution.

Said Mr. Padvi, President of the Padni sena while taking a long drag of Bidi.

Vicky Kadian's nationalism is also at stake
Vicky Kadian’s nationalism is also at stake

We rushed to Vicky Kadian for comments on this claim. Vicky Kadian denied of having any such sequence in the film. He further said,

Mummy Gangester is not the story of a man who farts. It is based on the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham, a social activist from Tamil Nadu, who revolutionized the manufacturing of sanitary napkins.

While the makers are firmly denying of having anything which offends any group, Padni sena and its supporters are coming on roads to protest against the release of Mummy Gangester. Not only Padni sena, but politicians from the ruling government BJP are also supporting the Padni sena. In an interview, BJP politician from Jant (Haryana) Mr. Padeshwar said,

Filmmakers can’t get away with hurting sentiments of people everytime. 145 seconds of fart in the film is highly disgraceful. People of this country should teach filmmakers a lesson by vandalizing multiplexes that release this shameful movie.

While the Prime Minister on 12th February 2016 said, “Art can’t have any restrictions or limits” (ref), four governments lead by the same party BJP have decided ban Mummy Gangester.

Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani said, We have banned Mummy Gangester because of the way fart is being projected in the film. Farting is something very natural. It should not be disrespected.

Our reporter found a group of youngsters protesting outside Vicky Kadian’s house. We talked to one of the volunteers. Here’s how it went.

Reporter: Why are you protesting?

Volunteer: Because Vicky Kadian has disrespected fart in Mummy Gangester. Just to make film a box-office hit, you cannot play with sentiments of people.

Reporter: But the director, writers and actors who have worked on this film for more than 12 months are denying of having any such sequence in the film.

Volunteer: They must have removed it after boycott threats from Padni sena.

Reporter: If they have removed it, why are you still protesting?

Volunteer: Because the film has hurt our sentiments.

While the makers of the film Mummy Gangester have denied to all rumors around the fart sequences, people from Padni Sena (none of whom has even seen the film) have given their verdict, and have decided to boycott the film. They have also threatened to destroy multiplexes who dare to release Mummy Gangester.

Are you going to watch Mummy Gangester or will boycott it? Tell us in comments.